Workshop on 'neutrino-nucleus interaction in a few GeV region'


A precise description of neutrino-nucleus reactions will play a key role in

addressing fundamental questions such as the leptonic CP violation and the neutrino mass hierarchy through analyzing data from next-generation neutrino oscillation experiments. The neutrino energy relevant to the neutrino-nucleus reactions spans a broad range.  In this mini-workshop, we will discuss intensively mechanisms and nuclear interactions of the  neutrino-induced pion production reactions and the quasi-elastic reactions.


Date :   Nov 18(Sat)-19(Sun), 2017

Room: Tokai, building 1, room 116.


Supported by Unification and Development of the Neutirno Science Frontier C02 and  J-PARC Branch, KEK Theory Center


Organizer: Y. Hayato(IRCC), S. Kumano(KEK), T. Sato(Osaka)

Secretary:  K. Iioka (KEK)


Contact: tsato(at),hayato(at)

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Program, Talks Slides


Nov. 18, 13:00- Nov. 19, 16:00