Fig. 1. Neutrino-nucleus reaction

Recent breakthrough measurements of the neutrino mixing angle revealed that θ13 is non-zero, that opened a possibility of CP violation in the lepton sector. The major interests of the neutrino physics is now the determination of the leptonic CP phase and the neutrino mass hierarchy. To extract such neutrino properties successfully from the data, a precise knowledge of the neutrino-nucleus reactions (Fig. 1) is becoming a crucial issue. The kinematic regions relevant to the neutrino parameter searches extend over the quasi-elastic, resonance, and deep inelastic scatterings (Fig. 2) regions. The objective of the project is to construct a unified neutrino reaction model which describes the wide energy region by forming a new collabotration of experimentalists and theorists in different fields.

Fig. 2. Kinematical region relevant to neutrino oscillation experiment